Irish dancing, ballet, tap & jazz
studios: Camp hill, Coorparoo, Redlands


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Johanna | December 2017
“My daughter has been with CM Dance since she was 4 years old where she started ballet classes. When she performed at her first concert she saw the Irish dancers performing in their beautiful traditional costumes and said, “Mummy, one day I’m going to dance like that”. She started Irish dancing when she was 6 and absolutely loved it! In every child there is a spark to be ignited, something that makes them happy with a sense of belonging. Thank you Clare and CM Dance for lighting my daughter’s spark.”
Kelly | November 2017
“Clare was very friendly, welcoming and helpful when I first enquired about my Daughter joining jazz class mid way through the year. At first I decided to think about it as wasn’t sure if we should wait until beginning of the following year. However, a little while later Clare kindly followed up to see if my Daughter would like to consider a 3 week trial for $33. So we did the trial and then signed up for a term. Charlotte hasn’t missed a lesson since we joined in July 2017. She joined just in time to learn the annual concert dance. The 2017 concert was fantastic and the choice of theatre was excellent and professional. Many talented dancers! Jess her teacher is lovely and Charlotte will certainly be returning in 2018. Thanks again Clare!”
Renee | November 2017
“When our daughter first decided she wanted to do Irish dancing we wanted to ensure we found the right school to fit her needs. We were looking for classes that allowed the kids to enjoy themselves with really friendly instructors. CM Dance has really delivered that. We have family that work in front of house, sound, staging and lighting. Clare and her team have a wonderful reputation in the industry, and are known for being easy going, prepared and most importantly, very respectful to the children and support crew. Classes are always fun and the annual concert is fabulous. My daughter’s confidence has blossomed, she is engaged and genuinely happy.”
Charlene | November 2017
“We love CM Dance, best dance school around. Both our girls started off with Ballet at the age of 3, but couldn’t wait to join the Irish Classes. We have one competing in open Championships with Clare and was lucky to tour with Clare to Dublin, Ireland this year competing in the Irish Dance Worlds Competition after qualifying in the QLD States Competition. Our little one whom is only 5, can’t wait to start competing in competition like her big sister and loves attending her dance lessons in the Redlands. CM Dance is not only just a dance school, its family. Our kids have made lifetime friends and love attending dance classes. Thank you Clare for all your support for our girls and families, your passion for dance shines through the school.”
Oriana | November 2017
“My kids LOVE dancing with CM Dance. It keeps them fit (when sport isn’t their thing) and performing on stage gives them a huge confidence boost. As a parent I also love the school for the engaging teachers, simple, creative choreography and reasonably priced costuming at concert time. Thanks Clare and teachers for teaching our children to be strong and to move with care.”
Janelle | November 2017
“Our daughters have been students with CM Dance for over 5 years, learning Ballet and Jazz, and they have loved every minute of it! Fun, relaxed classes with friendly and professional teachers. Owner Clare is always so approachable, understanding and supportive. CM Dance feels like one big family!”
Macushla | November 2017
“Clare and her team have welcomed my son into the CM Dance fold enthusiastically. With a lovely balance of encouragement and expectations, she has made the experience of learning Irish dancing a rewarding and memorable one. I would highly recommend CM Dance to any parent or student.”
Tracey | November 2017

“My daughter started Irish dance lessons with another dance company at the age of 4. It was okay but I kept going just because we really wanted to give our kids an opportunity to learn Irish dance to see if they liked it.

We were very lucky to have had CM Dance start Irish dance lessons at Victoria Point this year so we joined them. Well, CM Dance is AMAZING.

What my daughter has learnt in 3 terms completely astounds me – more importantly though, is it is FUN. There is no pressure, the kids are always smiling and everyone just seems to love it. My 3 year old boy can’t wait to start. CM Dance is about giving encouragement and support to the kids learning to dance, but whilst having fun and a laugh.

I could not recommend CM Dance enough to anyone. Thanks Clare for coming to Vic Point :-)”

Paula | December 2016
“We joined CM Dance in 2011 when our daughter was just 5. From the very first class she was in love with Irish dance, and we were thrilled to finally find a dance school based on solid family values that encouraged the children and their parents to become part of a united dance community. Over the past five years with CM Dance our daughter has grown in ability, fitness, self-worth, determination, social adaptation, motivation, and pure love of dance. CM Dance have supported and encouraged our daughter, understanding her individual needs not only with physical dance, but also supporting emotional balance through the journey of Irish dance competition from local and State events through to National level competition. Clare’s expertise, inspiration, guidance and continued support of our daughter’s dreams is invaluable to us as parents. We look forward to the years ahead and the enjoyment and many more friendships that being part of CM Dance will bring.
Melinda | January 2016
“I think the concert and its planning was very smooth – thank you for all your effort. I liked the costumes, they were affordable and easy to get. Certainly cheaper than the dance school we were with last year, which I appreciated!”
Elsa | January 2016
“Thank you for organising such a wonderful end of year Christmas Concert. It was such a great and entertaining experience. My daughter had so much fun been involved and I definitely think she will be pursuing Irish in the future. Saturday night was spent watching alot of Riverdance and Michael Flatley on YouTube, with her jumping and trying to move her little legs along to the moves.”
Theresa | January 2016
“Once again, it was a wonderful showcase of talent. My daughter has been considering whether this would be her last year of dancing, however, after performing and feeling the “Irish” drenalin, she is hoping that her uni timetable enables her to dance again in 2016. I’m afraid that dancing is in her blood and you are partly to blame. Your concert is a pure celebration of everything that parents love – their children. The guests this year were amazing and I actually watched the Irish girls lift as their guest danced. It was certainly the highlight for us. “
Angela | January 2015
” Thank you for providing the girls with such a lovely experience at the end of year concert.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by the girls and their parents and relatives alike.  The stress-free yet professional approach to the concert, as well as consideration of keeping costs of costumes to a minimum, is so very much appreciated! “
Kym | January 2015
” CM Dance does an amazing job. I think the fees are great – real value for money – and the end of year Concert outlay is always kept to a minimum (but the dancers still look like a million dollars on stage). I also love that the parental support and involvement is encouraged by the teachers. There’s no obvious ‘dance mum’ mentality at CM dance – everyone is there to support each other, and they all support and encourage each other’s children, regardless of the fact that many of the children compete again each other on stage. “
Sarah | June 2015
” I am so impressed by the way the dance teachers manage the different skill levels of the children in the class. They are always warm and kind in giving constructive criticism, meaning the children are willing to listen. “
Regina | June 2015
” I loved the Dad & Daughter dance at the Concert and the presentation of Awards that recognise dance achievements outside of the competitive field. “
Julia | June 2015
” Overall we’re really happy with CM Dance and the children absolutely love their classes. I like that it is quite a relaxed dance school and allows the children to simply enjoy learning to dance. “