Dance classes for Little Dancers

Have you seen the spark for dance in your little dancer that’s ready to be unleashed?
Let us help! Invest in a 3 week trial for just $33 to start their dance journey today.

About our dance classes for your Little Dancer

Our dance classes for toddlers from two and a half, and kids aged 2 to 5 years, are the perfect launchpad for Little Dancers who love to move to music and have fun. Designed especially to give toddlers and kids their first experience of dance, Little Dancers introduces boys and girls to the basics of Irish, Jazz, Ballet, and Tap. And our Little Dancers are always the stars of the annual showcase concert – everyone falls in love with how cute they are!

Guiding our Little Dancers through all their moves are our wonderful, caring, and patient teachers. Not only do they love dance, they love nurturing the joy of dance, music, and friendship to be found at these very special classes.

In Little Dancers’ classes we explore different themes each term – Under the Sea, Tiaras and Top Hats, At the Circus, At the Zoo, Numbers and Counting, Teddy Bear Picnic, Shadows and more! We’re now offering this class on some mornings through the week as well as on Saturday mornings.

If you would love your child to experience the benefits of dancing in a relaxed and supportive environment, we invite you to invest in a 3 week class trial. That way you’ll have the opportunity to experience the CM Dance family firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about Little Dancers classes?

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us. We would love to help you decide if CM Dance is right for your Little Dancer.

Who can do Little Dancer classes?

Ideal for both boys and girls, Little Dancers will appeal to any child who loves music and loves to move. Try classes before committing long term and invest in a three week class trial. You can even ask a friend to join you, making it more fun for you and the kids!

When can my child start Little Dancer classes?

We like our Little Dancers to be two and a half years of age before starting. This makes it more enjoyable for them, the other students, and their parents or carers. You can feel reassured that our teachers are experienced at delivering classes to this age group (they love it!) and will take very good care to introduce all the fundamental dance concepts to your child in a fun and imaginative way.

I’ve heard dance classes can be expensive? Is that true?

There are so many choices for extracurricular activities, it is difficult for parents to decide what is right for their child. We recommend focusing your efforts and time, rather than trying too many activities, which can become overwhelming for your child. Our approach to learning dance is holistic. We focus on the student as a whole (yes, even our Little Dancers), encouraging them to grow in physical skills, as well as personal and social confidence too. An investment in your Little Dancer will yield so much more than dance.

Who teaches the Little Dancers?

We are proud of our passionate and talented dance teachers, having taken great care in their selection. All our teachers have danced most of their lives. In fact, most started dancing at a very young age and have then gone on to further training, teaching, and performance. They truly understand and appreciate how dance enriches the lives of their students beyond the development of dance skills. We love watching our Little Dancers flourish – and you will too. Learn more about our teachers here.