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About our Contemporary Dance classes

Contemporary Dance is a difficult, but visually pleasing genre of dance that features heavily in popular dance culture. Our Contemporary Dance classes allow our Ballet class students to learn and experience an altogether different dance style. As we find many students have a genuine love of dance in all its forms, we encourage the exploration of different genres, and those who have attended Ballet lessons to senior level are welcome to try Contemporary dance.


Building on their knowledge and skills in classical Ballet, intermediate students will be taught the fundamentals of Contemporary dance, including introduction of fluid movements, floorwork, and contractions, as well as preliminary movement passages and combinations. Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet to attend this class and have previous Ballet experience. For students aged eight to 12 years.


Students apply skills learned from Ballet to build understanding of the strong, expressive, lyrical dynamism of Contemporary dance. Classes focus on fluid movements, floorwork, and contractions, as well as intricate combinations and big movement passages. Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet to attend this class and have previous Ballet experience. For students aged 13 years and over.

Our Ballet teachers have trained in Contemporary dance, and had experience as professional Contemporary dance performers. They love providing the opportunity to learn different styles and techniques to our Ballet students who are maturing as performers and people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about Contemporary dancing?

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us. We would love to help you decide if our studio could be your Contemporary dance home.

Who can do Contemporary dance classes?

Contemporary dance is suitable for both boys and girls, although it requires participants to have trained in Ballet. A decision about your child’s suitability for Contemporary dance classes would be made in conjunction with your child’s teacher.

When can my child start Contemporary dance?

Students interested in Contemporary dance can start when they are eight years of age, however they must also be enrolled in Ballet and have demonstrated previous Ballet experience. Intermediate students will gain an introduction to Contemporary dance, while senior students (aged 13 years and over) explore more advanced concepts and themes.

I’ve heard dance classes can be expensive? Is that true?

As with all extracurricular activities, there are costs associated with classes like Contemporary dance. We are very conscious of keeping costs manageable for busy families and you can learn more here about how we do this.

Who teaches Contemporary dance at CM Dance?

We are proud of our passionate and talented dance teachers, having taken great care in their selection. All our teachers have danced most of their lives, including Contemporary dance training and teaching. They truly understand and appreciate how dance enriches the lives of their students beyond the development of dance skills. We love watching our Ballet dancers flourish into confident performers of Contemporary dance – and you will too. Learn more about our teachers here.