Irish dancing Brisbane has a strong following – and what’s not to love about this vibrant, energetic, and fun style of dance? We’ve known for a long time kids love nothing more than dancing, and once Irish music is in their heads, there is no stopping them!

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About our Irish dance classes

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, a new or existing CM Dance student, we have an Irish dancing class to suit. Depending on your child’s age and experience, you can choose from our selection of classes.

Our classes are a great way to continue Irish traditions and involve your child in Irish culture. With a big focus on fun, while developing coordination, strength, rhythm and making new friends at the same time, you’ll discover an inclusive environment catering to all individual learning styles that allow dancers to learn at their own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about Irish dancing?

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us. We would love to help you decide if our studio could be your Irish dancing home.

Who can do Irish dancing?

While many parents who come to CM Dance have Irish heritage and want their child to experience this wonderful dance form, there are many who don’t. We find that students who are already taking other classes are often interested in trying different styles, and Irish dancing is always a popular choice. We totally understand! The appeal of Irish dance is found in its energy, music, and fun. If you think your child would like to try Irish dancing, the best way is to book a three week trial of classes to see if it’s a good fit for them.

When can my child start Irish dancing?

We have classes for children as young as two years through to classes for dancers competing at the World Championships. We are proud of our dancers’ success and celebrate their wins and placements at Queensland State, Australian, and World Championships in both solo and team dances. Many of our Irish dancing students have placed in the top 10 in Australia and we have had a multitude of World Qualifiers. We develop these champions in an environment that is positive and encouraging, while also cultivating a strong work ethic, dedication, and challenge aimed at achieving each individual dancer’s potential.

I’ve heard Irish dancing is competitive? Does my child have to compete?

Our Irish dancing lessons cater to all ages and abilities, and there is no obligation to enter competitions when your child is eligible for these. Once a child has progressed to a certain level, your teacher will discuss whether your child is willing and ready to participate in competitions, with the understanding that you are free to choose what’s best for you. If your child decides they’d like to compete, they will be required to attend a minimum of two classes per week.

We encourage all our competing Irish dancers to focus on doing their best and having fun, rather than competing solely for the purpose of winning. Through a strong community of dancers, parents, and families, we keep our dancers balanced and this carries through all aspects of our school, including competitions.

Who teaches your Irish dance classes?

Our Irish dance classes are designed and delivered under the care and guidance of CM Dance Director, Clare Michelsen, who ranked eighth at the Australian Irish Dancing Championships before becoming an Irish dancing teacher. Starting her dance career at 11 years, Clare was part of the early growth of Irish dancing in Queensland. She has taught many dancers to compete at State, National, and World Championship level. Clare has also been a dedicated mentor for up and coming dance teachers, providing opportunities for teachers under training and students interested in pursuing this as a professional pathway.