Our approach to teaching dance is based on a philosophy to nurture and develop talent, while also inspiring a love and appreciation of many dance styles. Having operated as a successful Brisbane dance school for almost two decades, we appreciate the importance of providing clear guidance about how we work together with our students, teachers, parents and carers. Our approach is reflected in our values  and provides assurance to our families that we are here to support them on their child’s dance journey.

Here’s what you can expect from us in our approach

Clear communication

Communication is one of our core values. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours and never leave a query unanswered. We encourage all parents with new enrolment enquiries to reach out via our contact form or to call us on 0409 646 558 or 0499 966 643.

We stay in touch with CM Dance family members via email, using this channel to send regular newsletters and other important information. Our families are also welcome to join the private CM Dance Parents Facebook group, noting that all content is monitored to ensure its appropriateness and relevance. Irish dance parents are also invited to join the private Irish Dancing Parent Facebook group.

Safe practices

With the safety of our families our priority, CM Dance is very serious about upholding Child Protection laws and policies within the studio, as well as at public performances and in the online arena (website and social media). All teachers must pass official checks to allow them to work with children. They have also completed all necessary COVID-19 safety and first aid training. CM Dance also has established and adheres to strict guidelines around music and costume selection, as well as choreography.

Code of Conduct

To ensure the smooth, safe running of CM Dance and an enjoyable experience for all, we provide a code of conduct to all families at the time of enrolment and at the commencement of each year. Within the code of conduct, you will find guidance on:

  • Expectations of students and families in terms of conduct, both in person and online
  • Guidance on how breaches are dealt with.
  • Non-payment of fees
  • Guidelines for classes, including attendance or interruption by parents
  • Pick up and drop off times
  • Lost property.

In the interests of everyone’s safety, wellbeing, and learning, we require compliance with the Code of Conduct by all.

Respect for privacy

CM Dance respects the privacy and confidentiality of all dancers and their families and we are transparent with our Privacy Policy. Any questions or concerns can be directed to us via the contact form  on this website.


Wearing a studio uniform provides students with a sense of belonging to our CM Dance family. It also creates an identity for our studio in the broader community. Our uniforms also:

  • Encourage discipline
  • Help students resist peer pressure to buy unnecessary or inappropriate clothes for class
  • Help identify non-students in the studio
  • Diminish economic and social barriers between students
  • Increase a sense of school pride
  • Improve attendance.

Uniforms are available throughout the year and can be ordered directly through CM Dance or purchased through one of our suppliers. We have worked together for many years with Ditto Dancewear and Sue’s Dance Shop and encourage our dance families to support these local businesses, who love looking after our dancers and truly understand the CM Dance values.

Irish dance shoes

Ditto Dancewear  |  https://www.dittodancewear.com.au  |  07 3256 4688

Ballet, Jazz, and Tap shoes

Sue’s Shop  |  https://www.suesshop.com.au  |  07 3398 5120

Regular class attendance

We take attendance at class seriously and expect our dance families to align with this aspect of our approach to supporting the development of each dancer. We also maintain a policy of no parents or carers in dance classes, however we offer multiple opportunities to observe progress at open days, an informal half yearly performance, and at our annual Showcase Concert.