Looking for Hip Hop dancing classes Brisbane?

Are you searching for a creative outlet to channel your child’s endless energy?
Invest in a 3 week trial for Hip Hop dance classes. Only $33 to discover the world of dance today

About our Hip Hop dance classes

The popularity of Hip Hop dance classes has grown as boys and girls have embraced the energy and fun that makes this dance style distinctive from any other. Originating on the streets of New York, we offer classes tailored to a younger audience that loves the moves and grooves of Hip Hop. Even after the rigour of a long day at school, this class is a perfect circuit breaker. Hip Hop dance classes are a fun way to learn an art form which has evolved over the years into a stimulating improvisational dance style.

Intermediate Hip Hop

For high energy kids who need some help to direct their creative energy. Benefits students by allowing a freedom of expression and encouraging creativity, which is vital for mental health. For students aged 8 – 12 years.

Senior Hip Hop

For students aged 13+ (including adults!). Perfect for learning high energy moves, reducing stress, and enjoying an aerobic workout.

Our Hip Hop dance teachers have professional training in this art form, and can draw from their experience as professional dancers. They will take time to understand your child’s specific needs to help them gain the most the can from our Hip Hop dance classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about Hip Hop dance classes?

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us. We would love to help you decide if our studio could be your Hip Hop dance home.

Who can do Hip Hop dance classes?

Our Hip Hop dance classes are suitable for both boys and girls. If your child has never danced, our three week class trial allows your child to try the class before committing for a full term or longer.

When can my child start Hip Hop dance classes?

Students aged from 8 years should enrol for our class trial. From there, the teacher will access their suitability for our Intermediate Hip Hop class.

I’ve heard dance classes can be expensive? Is that true?

As with all extracurricular activities, there are costs associated with classes like Hip Hop dance. We are very conscious of keeping costs manageable for busy families and you can learn more here about how we do this.

Who teaches Hip Hop dance at CM Dance?

We are proud of our passionate and talented dance teachers, having taken great care in their selection. All our teachers have danced most of their lives, including Hip Hop dance training, teaching, and performance. They truly understand and appreciate how dance enriches the lives of their students beyond the development of dance skills. We love watching our dancers flourish into confident Hip Hop performers – and you will too. Learn more about our teachers here.