Cheer Classes

Build confidence and teamwork with our Cheer classes for kids. Delivered by experienced teachers with a passion to encourage and challenge your child.

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About our Cheer Classes

Starting in 2021, we’re excited to be offering Cheer Classes to our existing and new students.

Under the experienced hand of Tiffany Syzmkow, who has been involved in teaching dance and Cheer for over 25 years, we offer Cheer classes that are fun and inspiring. Tiffiny has taught dance and Cheer at many dance, Cheer, primary and high schools and has launched competitive Cheer programs and completed Cheer coaching accreditation with Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation.

Tiffiny’s Cheer history has seen her perform as a Cheerleader for the NRL Panthers, Dragons, Tigers, Sydney Kings Basketball, PlayStation and Xbox. She was a member of the official NRL Cheer squad and performed at all major games, including World Sevens, and all semi-final and grand final games. Through her experience and success within the NRL entertainment industry, Tiffiny was made choreographer for the Penrith Panthers Cheer squad for over 10 years. In this role, she pitched ideas and directed, produced and choreographed many routines, in some cases in excess of 400 dancers.

To say we’re excited to have Tiffiny teaching Cheer at CM Dance is an understatement (yes, we’re even doing a little Cheer right now!).

If you’d love to learn this sport that is growing in popularity, we’d love to hear from you.