Thank you for your interest in our 2-week FREE trial of dance classes.

As a dedicated parent, we’re thrilled that you want your child to experience the magic of dance with us.

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About our dance classes

It’s not just about the steps your child will learn; it’s about the confidence they gain and the joy they express. We open a world where your child can twirl with confidence, laugh with friends, and grow with every beat. By crafting each class as a journey of discovery, attentively nurturing every child’s needs, and guiding them with our compassionate, skilled dance instructors, we have the secret to see young people blossom.

Discover delightful moments together in our little classes where teachers will welcome you with an informed heart, and guide them into a creative, safe and caring space. Our teachers love dance, and they love nurturing the joy of dance, music, and friendship to be found at these very special classes.
We can’t wait to meet you to start your dance journey with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose CM Dance?

We like to answer that question with total upfront honesty. CM Dance is a dance studio that does things differently, putting the overall development of your child front and centre of the way we teach.

Why have a 2 week trial?

Our two week trial is the perfect way to try classes before committing long term. It takes all the uncertainty out of knowing whether your child is really interested in dance lessons. You can choose any or all of our classes in the trial period, allowing you both to gauge if our studio and the chosen dance style is right.

I’ve heard dance classes can be expensive? Is that true?

There are so many choices for extracurricular activities, it is difficult for parents to decide what is right for their child. We recommend focusing your efforts and time, rather than trying too many activities, which can become overwhelming for your child. Our approach to learning dance is holistic. We focus on the student as a whole (yes, even our Little Dancers), encouraging them to grow in physical skills, as well as personal and social confidence too. An investment in your Dancer will yield so much more than dance.

Are your teachers experienced?

We are proud of our passionate and talented dance teachers, having taken great care in their selection. All our teachers have danced most of their lives. In fact, most started dancing at a very young age and have then gone on to further training, teaching, and performance. They truly understand and appreciate how dance enriches the lives of their students beyond the development of dance skills. We love watching our dancers flourish – and you will too.